Shakespeare: Histories & Tragedies

Shakespeare: Histories & Tragedies

TA: Omar Khafagy
Sections: 07 (Team Bond) & 03 (Team C-3PO)
Office Hours: By Appointment Only

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07 | Team Bond: 4:30-5:20pm in UH
03 | Team C-3P0: 6-7pm in MDCL

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Contacting Omar

Response Time:  24-48 hours

General Rules:
I do not check my email after 9pm, nor do I compulsively check it throughout the day. This means that if you want to get in touch with me about an assignment, don’t do it less than two days before it’s due.

How to Get a Quick(er) & More Helpful Response:

  1. Google Your Question First
    Seriously, please use your resources. If I can find the answer to your question with a quick Google Search, it tells me that you haven’t done your diligence. Google isn’t the answer to all problems (and in fact, it’s probably caused a few) but I want to know you’ve at least tried to answer the question on your own.
  2. Check Your Course Outline
    If the answer to your question is in the course outline, you will get a generic response from me that reads: “The answer to your question is in the course outline.”
  3. Check Discord and/or the Facebook Group
    Discord is the chat application we will be using throughout the course. I suggest jumping into Discord or checking out the Facebook Group to see if someone else can help you. I will be monitoring both. Oh, and this totally helps your participation grade.
  4. Be Specific and Concise
    If I have to parse through a long email that has been poorly formatted and doesn’t really seem to know what it’s asking, I will have a hard time helping you. To help me out, don’t be afraid of separating longer emails with headers, or numbering your questions or concerns. I read thousands of words a day, most of them dense and barely intelligible; make it easy on me to read your email and I will give you my absolute best response.
  5. Be Professional
    Build good habits early. I don’t mind terse emails, but I do mind aggressive ones. Mind the tone of your writing and remember that, however friendly I might be, I’m a tutor hired by the institution you attend. I’m not a friend. One small caveat: I said “professional,” but I didn’t say “boring.” I’m not asking you to dress up your emails with “Dear Omar” or to sign off with a stuffy “Sincerely, So-and-So.” Say “Hi” or “Hello” and feel free to be a bit playful.If you want to send me a course-related gif, do it. If you want to send me a gif of kitten, I’m also happy to see it. I like fun things.But if you want to type “hi i cant come to class today.  kthx bai,” please think twice.

Group Chat on Discord – Click to Join

Why an Online Chat?

I want you to get the most out of these tutorials. Sometimes a thought can occur to you after the conversation in class has moved on. It can even occur to you after class. I want you to be able to submit these thoughts and questions in a convenient way and engage with the class outside of the class.


If you are one of the many who struggle with speaking in front of your peers, I want to make sure you can still participate. This is one way of doing so.

Voice Chat & Private Messages

Want to hop into a chat with me directly? Discord’s a great way to do that. You can also create a little chatroom for your groups so you can share information with one another.


I don’t care about swearing, but I do care about cruelty and rudeness. Be kind to one another, be patient, and be professional. You are responsible for your conduct in this chatroom and it is no different than a physical room.

The Thumper Rule

There are all sorts of people in our classroom, with varying cultural backgrounds, religions, genders and sexual orientations. Whatever your personal opinions are, I advise you to follow the Thumper Rule:

If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all.
Thumper from Disney’s “Bambi” sharing some wisdom.